Duiklamp BIG BLUE Blue TL30we

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De BigBlue TL-30WE LED Aluminium Tech duiklamp heeft een lichtopbrengst van 900 Lumens.  De ultra compacte kop kan worden aangesloten op een ergonomisch Goodman handvat. Vervaardigd van T6061 aluminium en met Ni-MH oplaadbare batterijen. Een  betrouwbare en duurzame kabellamp voor duikers onder alle duikomstandigheden.

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  • High output 30W LED system delivers brilliant luminosity at 900 lumens and produces a strong penetrating light spot, making it ideal for tech-dive.
  • The unique single chip 1x30W LED is ultra compact and energy efficient to guarantee a long burn time of up to 50,000 hours, reducing the need for frequent replacement of the bulb.
  • The 6500K white light reflects the true vibrant colors of the surrounding while diving.
  • The 12V 2.3Ah rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack comes with a smart charger that features a Hi-Lo switch, enabling you to quick-charge the battery pack in an hour.
  • The Hi-Lo Power Output lets you choose between two output levels, Hi at 100% or Lo at 70%, extending the burn time and reducing reflections on objects at close range.
  • The Slider Magnetic Switch not only makes it easy to switch between the Hi-Lo power output levels, but is also designed to be insulated from all internal parts, eliminating the risk of leakage.
  • The thermal protection system prevents the light from overheating by automatically cutting off its power in cases of prolonged use on land, or exposure to temperatures above 70°C. As soon as the light cools off, the power comes back on.

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Tech. specs

• Light Source. 30W LED, 12V, with optical diffusion lens
• Light Output. 900 lumens
• Casing Material. Anodized, anti-corrosive, aluminum alloy
• Power Source. 12V 2.3Ah Ni-MH rechargeable battery
• Angle of Light Beam. 45°
• Color Temperature. 6500K
• Light Efficiency. Equivalent to a 50 watt halogen bulb
• Burn Time. Up to 1 hour at Hi output Up to 1.4 hour at Lo output
• Maximum Depth. 100m tested
• Diameter of Canister. 54mm
• Diameter of Canister. 54mm
• Buoyancy in Seawater. -750 gr (including batteries)
• Switching System. Slider magnetic switch system
• Front Glass. Tempered optical glass – 5mm in thickness – 27mm in diameter